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Posted on May 10th, 2017 by Greenhouse Staff

Despite being framed as a study that showcased higher instances of gum disease in those that use cannabis by certain publications, a team found that those that consume cannabis actually exhibit better overall health and fitness than those that do not use cannabis! By using data collected through the Dunedin Study, one of “the most-cited longitudinal studies in medical science,” researchers determined that those who regularly used cannabis through the age of 38 have slightly better metabolic health.

Health Problems

Clearly, medical cannabis has many benefits, and can help those that are suffering from many conditions. However, those that oppose medical cannabis are often worried about the long-term effects. This study showcases that even with over 20 years of cannabis use, participants exhibited no additional health problems. Poor physical health and cannabis use were found not to be related, which could be for a variety of reasons. However, most importantly, it showcases that cannabis does not have severe negative impacts, even long term!

Metabolic Health

Not only is cannabis not linked to major health problems, but it can also help with metabolic health! The participants that regularly used cannabis were shown to have smaller waist sizes and lower body mass indexes, which is a sign of better metabolic health. While more studies would need to be done to prove this, it is a good indicator. However, other factors ought to be taken into consideration, such as the participants’ genetics, lifestyle, and more.

Overall, the fact that regular cannabis users showed no negative health problems in comparison to non-users is important. With more studies, states will be able to showcase that any long-term effects are negligible compared to the many advantages that medical cannabis patients experience.

Courtesy of: Leafly

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